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College research misconduct

You should protect the evidence base for optometry and vision science as follows:
  1. you should publish data of any trial in humans within one year of completion of the trial. This applies even if the trial appears to have been unsuccessful. Publishing all data helps to ensure the evidence base is robust.302
  2. you should not enter into contracts that restrict your ability to publish results or provide appropriate access to data. Such agreements can prevent researchers from independently publishing unbiased reports of their research
  3. you must not deliberately fabricate or falsify data or information
  4. you must not deliberately misrepresent data. Doing so may lead to untrue or misleading findings which may skew the evidence base
  5. you must not plagiarise others’ work
  6. you should declare any interest or connection relevant to the outcome of a research project in all dissemination. This will enable a fair evaluation of any potential conflicts of interest
  7. you should name all authors involved in a publication before submission of a paper, to ensure transparency
  8. you should avoid duplicate publication of material in multiple journals to ensure transparency for literature reviews and a robust evidence base.


302 All Trials campaign [Accessed 20 Nov 2020]

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