The College of Optometrists

Principles of the use and supply of drugs or medicines

You must always act in accordance with the current legislation controlling the use and supply of drugs in optometric practice.127, 128
You must only supply drugs when it is appropriate to do so.  
You must maintain your knowledge and skills to use the drugs in your practice. Information on this can be found in the Optometrists’ formulary.129 Your knowledge should include:  
  1. actions
  2. interactions
  3. cautions
  4. contraindications, and
  5. side effects.
You should take particular care when using or supplying drugs to at-risk groups such as very young or very old patients, those with renal or hepatic impairment or who are pregnant or breastfeeding.


127 Human Medicines Regulations 2012 SI 1916.
128 MHRA (2008) Medicines and medical devices regulation, what you need to know [Accessed 30 Oct 2017]
129 College of Optometrists Optometrists’ formulary [Accessed 1 June 2017]

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