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Supervising the sale and supply of spectacles

Please read in conjunction with section on Supervision in the Communication, partnership and teamwork domain.

You may delegate the sale and supply of spectacles but you remain responsible for the whole process. 
You must be on the premises when you are supervising the sale of spectacles to someone in a restricted group (that is, patients under 16 or who are registered as visually impaired) at key stages of the sale.98  
If you are supervising someone undertaking the sale of spectacles to a patient you should ensure they have taken the steps listed in para A268
If you work in a team with others it should be clear on a daily basis which professional is responsible for the supervision of sale and supply. The practice should ensure that supervisors are in a position to fulfil their supervisory role. 


98 GOC v Boots Opticians Ltd, Richard Simmons and Trevor Burgess 2009

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