The College of Optometrists

Providing patients with a report of their eye examination

You should provide the patient and their carer with a written, as well as a verbal, report. This should be copied to the patient’s GP if the patient consents. You can use the suggested accessible feedback form ‘Feedback from the optometrist about my eye test’ from SeeAbility49 to help the patient and their relative or carer to understand their eye examination and what you have found. A report specifically suitable for children is also available from Seeability.50 Your report should also include:
  1. reasons why results of the examination may be limited
  2. details of referral to another practitioner
  3. information on agencies that may be able to provide further advice or support
  4. advice on wearing spectacles, copied, with the patient’s consent, to other relevant professionals involved in their care and to staff at a college or day centre that the patient attends.

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