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Contact lens equipment and facilities

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Key points

  • If you fit contact lenses you should have suitable equipment for contact lens practice and the skills to use it competently.
  • You should have all equipment verified and calibrated regularly.

Essential equipment

You must have: 
  1. a slit-lamp biomicroscope, ideally capable of providing a magnification of at least 25x
  2. a keratometer or other calibrated instrument to assess the corneal curvature, and
  3. appropriate procedures for infection control. See section on Infection control.

Recommended equipment

You should have a range of: 
  1. single patient use diagnostic soft contact lenses
  2. complex diagnostic contact lenses, if appropriate
  3. appropriate lens care systems for patients, and
  4. appropriate topical drugs and diagnostic agents. 

Additional equipment

You may wish to have: 
  1. contact lens verification apparatus, for example a radiuscope
  2. tear assessment equipment
  3. corneal topographer
  4. equipment for meibomian gland function investigation.

Verifying and calibrating equipment

You should have all your contact lens fitting equipment verified and calibrated regularly.

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